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Project "Historic Production Lightweight".From E-bay to the race track. Bringing a neglected period 1969 Suzuki T350 Cafe Racer back from the jaws of death, with of course, a few nice modifications.

 UNDER CONSTRUCTION June 27, 2004 (c) Sundial Moto Sports

The bike has been completely stripped and a fresh coat of black spray paint added to the frame. The frame must remain stock with no modifications allowed for AHRMA Historic Production. Besides this will be a street legal bike as well.

Historic Production allows the upgrade to Sportsman 750 brakes (disc brakes). So a GT250 front end was selected for this application.
The lower clamp was painted flat black with new tapered steering stem bearings installed.

A complete rolling chassis was assembled with a fiberglass front fender painted white to match the new colors of the Heron Suzuki early racers. These are Team Sundial Racing Colors. Rear swing bearings were of the old metal type and in good condition so were not replaces the this time. Just cleaned and repacked with new grease.

A new Kawasaki type steering damper was installed (as per AHRMA rules). The rear part mounted to the frame gusset and the front mounted to where the keyed steering lock used to be making sure that full lock to lock does not impede the damper in any or binds it.

The brake caliper was cleaned and repainted flat black and a new after market piston (lighter than the original) and seal were installed.

The front forks were then removed and taken apart, cleaned and new seals and 15wt fork oil installed.

Rolling chassis with fiberglass tank and seat installed. Painted side cover and oil tank as well. New AVON racing tires, 90/90-18 AM20 front and 110/90-18 Roadrunner R2 rear. The rear is really not the one I had intended to use but fit well with good clearance though I now cannot use the rear inner fender as intended. A smaller inner fender will be used to keep out the dirt from near the battery carbs and such. Clubman bars and all wiring has been installed and checked at this time as well. Teh original wiring was some of the scariest I have seen to date and would never have attempted to repair it. A good used wiring harness was purchased on e-bay. The rear seat had been set on the frame on the original bike and one could see when the suspension was compressed the tire hit the seat. I moved it up some for better clearance and better fitment of my legs on the bike. After mounting the tank I need to take some of the steering lock out so the headlight ears do not contact the tank as the GT250 front end has larger fork ears than the T350 front end. Rear shocks are MDI with a set of Fox springs installed for my large frame.